Do You Really Want Your YouTube Video to go Viral?

Going viral is a universal, albeit exalted goal for just about any YouTube video.

However, it takes large parts of both chance and ability to put the video into position to receive millions of hits. Notably so in the arena of business videos. But are millions of hits always the goal?

In this insightful cartoon from Scott Adams, Dilbert has a very accurate assessment of what it takes to create a viral YouTube video, while the third (unidentified) person at the table has the luck to be in the right place at the right time.

viral YouTube video
One of thees cartoon panels that are key is the firth one where Dilbert shares he has no important skills for the duty his pointy-haired manager is assigning him. We’ve commented frequently, business video quality is best left to the aces and experienced performers. That is what we have been supplying clients through BtoB videos done in Silicon Valley and around the world for over three decades.

There are a number of steps toward getting a viral YouTube video.

First you’ve got to define the audience and the goal for your YouTube video. Often times it is an issue of scale about what defines “viral.” For instance, if you’re marketing a specialized service or product through your YouTube video that has a possible universe of 5,000 structural engineers throughout the world in the BtoB space, 1,000 views would be a great accomplishment.

On WikiHow they’ve a list of 10 measures for the way to Make a Viral Video. Although it lays out these ten steps, the problem with the article is that it doesn’t go into any detail. Yet, there’s a key point in item #4 that is worth noting – you must have is video that fulfills least one of these six, plus the last one:

  • Exceptional
  • Funny
  • Stupid
  • Dangerous
  • Strange/Odd
  • Gross
  • Worth sharing

We particularly like the last one — the YouTube video must be worth talking about. At least in the community that is your crowd.

If the video may also achieve some of the other features, cool, but we don’t usually make professional videos that are gross, dangerous or dumb. For some strange reason, those don’t frequently seem compatible with a professional business YouTube video. Imagine that if you will!

Although we concentrate on BtoB video, here is an important note:

If your company is in the consumer market, then the components of storytelling, delight, etc. become considerably more important. The goal for consumers is to get the video to be SHARED by them, although the target market should always be kept in mind.

This is a great article on creating consumer viral videos. But again, we come back to the demand to have your video produced by a professional video production company. As Dilbert noted above, you must be trained and experienced — do not try this at home, friends!

But remember, there’s no promise which you will earn money from your video even if you become a YouTube video master.

Monetization is in important part of the targets for nearly all companies to aim is to engage and advise prospective buyers about your products or services so that they’ll want to work with you, and we mentioned above.

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